About Us

ITPA Commercial Information Services Private Limited (ITPA) is a leading provider of specific business intelligence to clients around the world.

ITPA’s reporting services, like Business Information Reports and Commercial Credit Information reports, allow companies to make informed credit decisions about their existing business partners or potential clients, suppliers and associates.

With a business experience spanning almost 40 years, ITPA actively services clients including major international credit rating agencies, trade credit and export insurance companies as well as some of the world’s leading Multinational Companies.

Business Information Services

ITPA Business Information Services cover crucial information you need to make informed credit decisions regarding a potential client or business partner.

ITPA-BIR is a comprehensive report presented in an easy to understand format, covering all important business aspects of the Subject.

Every ITPA-BIR typically covers all crucial business information including:

  • Company Registration, Identification details and Legal Status
  • Details of Business Activity, Infrastructure and Background
  • Latest Financial Statements and analysis
  • Asset Mortgages and Bankers
  • Customer and Supplier Profile
  • Information on Key Management Personnel, Shareholders and Shareholding Pattern
  • List of Subsidiaries and Associated Businesses
  • Payment history and experience
  • Litigation History and Adverse Media Reports
  • ITPA Score based on key performance indicators
  • Credit Opinion and recommendation

ITPA – International BIR provides important, actionable data on your international business partners, suppliers and customers.


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